I notice there are many SamSung Galaxy S II users but they are stuck when they drop the phone and when it breaks.

I see many DIY getting the part but afraid to do it themselves because the parts costs over $200!

So here it is just in case if you want to know how to take Samsung Galaxy S II T989 apart.

1. Here it is. Broken screen Samsung Galaxy S II. Notice it doesn’t have any cracks on the glass, the LCD is damaged from dropping the phone. At the bottom of this page, you will see why so many Samsung Galaxy S LCD breaks so easily.

2. Turn it over, and there are six screws. remove those using Phillips #00 screwdriver.

3. Remove the back cover.

4. When removing the logic board, make sure that you remove the vibrator where shown from the socket. The cable can be easily torn meaning more money spent! 5. Again, with proper removal of flex cable connection, the board comes of easily, not like HTC phones.Samsung Galaxy S II LCD, Screen

6.Now here is the fun part.

Heating up the adhesive to remove the glass.

Notice the circled area as those are the main areas to heat up.

Don’t do it too much as you might melt the plastic.

Also make sure to heat up the back of where LCD is as they are taped up the panel.Touch sensor flex cable

7. When removing the glass, make sure to detach the touch sensor off the glass as it can be VERY Easily cut off if not careful. Touch sensor is taped up tight to the glass so you might have to use more heat.

Galaxy S II touch flex

8. When you remove the glass successfully, the touch sensor should be there as shown. Notice how thin the flex cable is at bottom right.

9. The LCD is off from the phone. Samsung uses OLED screen which is fused to the glass to keep dust coming in thus it is a one piece.

Samsung Galaxy S II LCD
Here it is. Notice how thin it is. Samsung is using good technology to show you a bright picture, but they did make the size too thin thus the LCD is very fragile to breakage if you drop your phone.

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