We got our hands on Samsung Galaxy S8+ and decided to take it apart to see what they got inside.

Please note this is not a repair manual.

Just like Galaxy s6, S7, Samsung used same kind of adhesive for back cover. S7 and S8 is stronger than S6 to give water resistance. That means we have to use a lot of heat in order to soften the adhesive. After carefully applying heat and our skill, we were able to remove the back cover without breaking it. It is same material as S6 and S7. Glass.

Notice weird location of the fingerprint sensor of Galaxy S8+. Sensor is attached to the back cover and connected to the logic board.

Back cover is removed. We are now able to go inside. 14 screws to remove the cover.

Unlike Galaxy S7, it’s only two pieces.

Front camer and eye sensor.

Since S8 uses full screen including virtual menu button, it is actually easier to replace broken charging port. There are no menu flex that goes under the screen.

Screen replacement only is almost impossible again due to curved AMOLED which drives up the screen repair cost HIGH.