We have received a sample of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone. Let’s take a look inside. This will give you an idea what to do when you need to take this apart to replace broken screen. The phone now has built in battery like you know who and to get inside you need to start from the back however, they glued the back cover in order to secure the phone. Not a very smart idea as it is very hard to get inside for them and us.

We start by heating up the edge of the back cover. You can either use hot air or hot plate. We use hot air so that we can heat the edge only as hot plate may damage the battery/

With little skill, we are able to go under the back cover without breaking it.

slowly moving the pick around the edge, we are now able to remove back cover off the body.

there are 12 screws holding the frame. You are only seeing 10 screws in the picture below but there are two more hidden at the bottom.

It’s hidden under rubber cover.

Housing is now off the frame.

The cover has wireless charger pad built in.

The logic board is not screwed on the frame. You can easily remove board after disconnecting the connectors.

Once you get to this point, you can remove camera, battery off the frame and replace the screen and reverse the step back.