There are many reviews about new Google Maps for iOS6 but after trying out what it does, I had to put one on my site.

When Apple dropped Google Map on iOS6 and replaced with their own map, I really didn’t care as I didn’t have much use for it and I use Navigation app that I use.This morning I had to use Maps to see street view for a location that I was going to visit, but just realized Apple Map doesn’t provide street view, so I had to download Google Maps.

Right away, I was able to use Street View feature and it seemed to have built in navigation feature so I decided to try it instead of my Navigation app.

Using in for 5 minutes, I was just surprised about this app. All I could say is “Wow!” It has simple interface and giving me accurate location and directing me with ample advance to I could prepare for the turn. This raises question why Apple does not support turn by turn navigation for iPhone 4 or below saying only 4S or above can support such feature.


Google Maps is a very solid mapping and navigation apps. Also this app being FREE is another great point. Best of all, it doesn’t conflict with iOS map and you can choose whatever you want to use depending on given situation.

This app being Fee is good enough reason to download and try it and you will most likely use this than iOS map. Honestly, I can believe this offers turn by turn navigation and it got me thinking why I had to buy navigation app.

I am sure Google and Apple will bring out more features with their updates and those update will be better for us.

my Verdict: EXCELLENT