Repair Services

iFIXsmartphone repair a huge range of devices. No matter what the fault is the chances are we can fix it for you, we repair lots of devices daily. Operating most sophisticated equipment carefully sourced for individual applications allows us to rectify micro solder-ability issues as well as replace SMT and BGA components. Our technicians are trained to be experts at hand and automated micro soldering procedures using specialized machinery and equipment. iFIXsmartphone has been involved in micro-soldering applications for over 10 years, this built a significant experience in the sector.
Our passion is fixing your devices that would have been otherwise un-fixable, as well as gain access to your trapped precious memories on no-functional devices.

We offer mail-in repairs.

Below is the list of most common repairs we do.

Physical Damage

Most common issue is broken screen.  No need to worry. We have the right parts and resources to repair your devices perfectly.

Why choose us to repair your device?

  • We carry different quality parts to meet your need.
  • We have tools that are not available to other stores.
  • We only allow certified technician to repair your device.
  • All repair comes with warranty.

Device Charging Port Repair

Phone doesn’t take charge anymore? Contacted your service provider insurance and found out your insurance doesn’t cover broken charging port? Smell burning?

There are many reasons why your device doesn’t charge.

Here are reasons why.

  • Bad battery
  • Bad charging port
  • Bad charging cable
  • Bad outlet
  • Bad or defective charging IC on motherboard
  • or combination of any of above.

We will run diagnostic before repair and inform you what exactly it needs.

Upon your approval, we will make right repair and your device will work.


No Fix = No Fee and Warranty Details:

We do not charge a labor fee for devices that we cannot fix, even if we’ve spent hours troubleshooting! We don’t believe in diagnostic fees or putting out repairs that we can’t warranty, and therefore we don’t offer a solution for every problem.

If we can’t fix your device, you’ll be quoted no fix options, just return shipping of $15.

Data Recovery

we can recover data out of damaged phone in most cases.

Recently, we have notice many smartphone users keep their memories in the devices.  Those memories are encrypted and stored on the flash memory chip soldered to the logic board. The chip can not simply be taken off and data extracted anymore. The only way to access the data is to make the logic board work well enough to natively decrypt the chip.

Our approach is to perform open-ended troubleshooting and micro-soldering to identify and correct faults on the logic board to bring the dead phone back to life enough to provide a path to your data.

Once the phone can boot, we extract the data and create a backup. Then we go one step farther and parse your backup for you so that we can deliver useful information—folders containing all your pictures and videos, your notes, contacts, and text messages. We deliver the parsed data and the backup to you via a custom USB drive.

After data recovery, you will receive your phone back. Depending on what was wrong with your phone, the phone itself may be functional. If we can’t get your data, then you don’t pay.

No Power

No power is usually caused by a logic board issue, especially after liquid damage. Damaged charging port or battery can also keep the device from turning on if they fail,

Not Charging

No charging issues can be caused by both the logic board, charge port or the battery. Some devices are more prone to charging issues after many usage.

No Backlight

Typically with no backlight issues, you will be able to see the screen if you shine a light through of the display.

No Image

No image can be caused by both the logic board or the display itself. Typically with image issues, you will still hear the startup chime, but you will not be able to see a image at all, even when shining a light through the screen.

No Touch

On most newer iPhones / Android touch is controlled by the IC of the display module but touch issue still can be caused by the logic board.

Liquid Damage

Sadly, liquid damage does happne and it is the ultimate nightmare for any electronic device.  Do not believe your device is water proof, we have seen it happen to any. The good news is, we can fix your device and make it like the spill never even happened in most cases.

No or Low Audio

On most newer iPhones / Android touch is controlled by the Audio IC and no audio can be caused by the logic board.

Low audio could be blocked filter which can be replaced easily.

If you have issue with iPhone 7 / 7+ that is having audio issue, please see this page.  for more detail.

Nintendo Switch Repair

Nintendo Game Console issue? Contact us, we can fix it!

We can repair

  • Charging issue (not charging, fake charging, etc)
  • No power
  • Screen
  • Joystick

Warranty Service Options:

We offer an industry-leading 6 months warranty on all board repairs. If your repair fails within the warranty period, we will either repair the device again, or issue a refund under no fix. We must see the device again in house to confirm and do failure analysis. We do not pay for return shipping to us, but we will pick up the shipping tab if the device has a bona fide warranty problem.