What we have here is Broken OnePlus A0001 phone. The phone still works with broken screen. Unfortunately, this phone requires to have whole front screen replaced as digitizer/Glass is fused to LCD and it cannot be separated. We are going to teardown this phone to see how it is assembled.

Tools required:

  1. #00 screwdriver
  2. spudger

First we remove the battery cover using our friendly spudger. As you can see, battery is not removable.

It looks like we need to remove the inner covers to get to the core.

Besides removing visible screws, there are three on top and two on the bottom that are hidden.

after removing the screws, the cover comes off easy.

First thing! Remove the battery. Battery is stuck to the frame with adhesive but not a strong one. Now you can see what flexes are for.

Before removing logic board, make sure to remove power, volume flex that are stuck to the frame. You really don’t want to rip this cable as replacement part cannot be found. With little heat of 150C-160C, the flex comes off from the frame without much resistance.

Antenna is connected under the board.

After removing the board, front screen can be removed. The LCD is not stuck to frame not like HTC method. This make replacement process far easier than HTC repair.

Once you remove all the part, just reverse the step back to assemble the phone.