There seems to be no good OnePlus phone teardown thus I decided to publish one here so that repair shop technicians and DIY do not mess up during repair. Grab a spudger and let’s poke around inside.

Step 1

We got one with broken screen. Perfect reason to tear this down!

From looking at top and bottom, OnePlus 3 incorporated same way making a phone. Screen and it’s frame is sitting in metal housing. Just like HTC One and Hwawei Nexus series.

Step 2

First thing. Take SIM tray out. This can be big obstacle when removing housing.

Step 3

Remove two bottom screw holding top frame. iPhone Pentalope screwdriver works like a charm.

Step 4

After poking around the edge, we are able to remove the housing. it’s not glued or taped which makes it alot easier. That means this is not water resistant phone.

Step 5

This is inside of the phone. it seems many manufactures are using same way designing a phone. Logic board on top, battery, charging, speaker module bottom which is connected by flex cables.

Even though it was powered off, we need to disconnect battery first.

After 8 screws and connector cover, logic board is removed easily.

seven screws and bottom charging port board is removed. Make sure to remove home button connector before.

Step 6

If you are replacing a screen, you must remove speaker module because the menu flex cable is glued on the scree and the flex connector hole is under the battery.

Step 7

Remove the battery. They are stuck with double sided adhesives and heat had to be applied to make it easier.

Step 8

Removing screen was alot easier than other model. Note the menu flex cable at the bottom.

Step 9

If you are replacing a screen, this menu flex must be transferred. They are held by tape and little heat make it easy to remove.

When you want to replace the screen, just follow the step backward and you will be back on the road.