No Fix, No Fee Solutions

We offer custom tailored B2B repair services.

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If you decided to repair, please fill out the form below submit.

Once submitted, we will reply with confirmation with repair ID and shipping label.

Then, print label, attach to the box and send device.


We will take care the rest!

Please provide correct address so that we can delivery item safe.
Warranty & TermsAll repairs come with a 1 year warranty for what we repair. (Example, short on main, Audio ic, etc) Warranty repairs will need to be shipped back to iFIX smartphone at your cost. iFIX smartphone will pay for shipping back to you. Warranty does not apply for Data Recovery jobs.It is your responsibility to properly pack & ship the devices. iFIX smartphone is not responsible for device that get damaged or lost in transit. Repair shops: If you send in a device for microsoldering repair and it turns out the issue is just a parts issue that you could fix or a software update/restore, we will only bill you a $45 diagnostics fee for finding the issue. This includes the return shipping.Any repairs that are deemed "No Fix", you will need to pay $15 to cover return shipping.
  • Please make sure the address field matches the return address on your package, so we can match up your order when received.
  • Upon delivery of your phone you will receive an email when it is received and quote you the price of what needs to be repaired. Upon payment, we will then repair any problems and attempt to restore full functionality to the best of our ability. You’ll receive an email either it is repaired or not repaired. All repairs are generally performed the same day they are received.
  • Your phone will then be packaged to maximize protection. I use generous amounts of bubble wrap.

I will provide a tracking number, insurance (if purchased (extra charge)) for the package’s full value, and/or I will require a signature for delivery. I can also accommodate overnight shipping provided you pay for the extra charges (or provide an airbill for DHL, FedEX or UPS).

If you do not see the solution in the list for your problem, Please contact us.