Jambox USB port Repair

Today, we have got broken Jawbone Jambox.

USB port has been pushed in thus it could not be charged.

After disassembly, we find the PCB board is damaged.

There should be 5 solder pad to transfer the voltage to the battery, but 3 is missing (see the circled area). We really believe this is due to poor design. Had they put USB port that had leg that gets held by the other side of the PCB board, this would not have happened.

In many case, users had to buy a replacement speaker even though this speaker would function normally if were able to charge thus this became waste which is not good for the earth.

So we have decided to give a try to see if we can fix this.

Upon inspection, we find a trace to the missing solder pad and that shows us this would be fixable by jumping it.

Pin1 connects to Big cap and Pin 2 and 3 connected to the cap next to big one. (sorry for the blurry picture)

We got the USB port replaced and tested the jump wires are all connected. Now the real challenge is how do we anchor the port on the PCB board. All the pads that holds port is missing!

With our skill and experience we have found a way to hold the USB port securely on the board (sorry, this is a secret) and

Jambox is now charging.

I wish the engineers give little more thought about position USB port so that we would have less electronic waste.