We have got a iPhone 7 with broken screen and wanted to show you what it needs to be done to get it replaced right way.

Finally we got the screen removed from the frame. It was alot harder than 6s due to water resistant sealing. We have circled what needs to be removed in order to detach the screen from the logic board.

You will need new tri wing screwdriver in order to work on iPhone 7. I really believe Apple does this to give hard time to repair shop.

First, Remove four screws holding connector shield.

iPhone 7 connector cover removed. Note the different screw size. If you don’t put it back right, it will definitely cause long screw damage on the logicboard.

Front camera flex holder uses regular #00 phillips screw head. Remove those two.

we have successfully remove screen from the frame.

Before we start, we make sure to replace water resistant sealing.

front camer holder. Note the screw size again.

ear speaker is now held by two screws.

Front camer and sensor removed. It’s super tricky to remove this, if not careful, you will most likely will tear the cable.

Time to remove LCD backplate. Again you will need to pull out tri wing screw. Why Apple?

Home button cover removed. again, note screw size.

Home button comes out from the top of the screen unlike all those other iPhones. Home button doesn’t have any rubber seal and I don’t know how it is going to keep liquid smearing if spilled.

Carefully removing backplate, the flex cable is stuck to the plate with adhesives.

It is now time to replace the screen. We are preparing the replacement screen with necessary items. First camera rubber ring. then sensor and camera frame and light filter (if the screen is black)

Assemble it back just how it’s removed and we have now successfully replaced broken screen.

We need to test everything is working before putting back the scree as it has water resistant seal.