Headphone jack prong broke off and the jack got stuck? Well we tried to get it out from outside but found it’s near impossible mission.

We will have to remove the digitizer and replace the headphone jack from inside.

Here it is. Digitizer removed (We didn’t break it!), the jack is revealed.

Look at the replacement parts. What is this gold dots? Yes, you need to solder the earphone jack connector. Sigh….

Carefully removing protective tape, we find the jack soldered on it.

Sorry for blurry picture. After heat and flux, the connector slowly comes off.

after carefully soldering 75 points, (yes, 75!), we finally replaced the jack.

Screws back and the tape back and few more clean up, the jack is now replaced.

Why does Apple have so many soldering points on this simple headphone jack flex? Well, this flex connects to front, rear camera, microphone, volume, power and smart cover so that it can transmit to the logic board. Not very repair friendly.

Repair Score: 1 out of 5 ( 5 being the easiest)

Tools to complete the job: Soldering iron and lots of patience.