We received HTC U11 Life phone for screen replacement. Since there is no teardown on the net, we decided to publish one so that other repair shop do not mess up customer’s phone.

First, we need an access to inside. HTC used double side adhesive for back cover. With simple heat application, back cover comes off easy. It’s bendable plastic not like Samsung back cover, so it is not easy to break.

HTC uses T5 torc screw as usual. Remove 7 screws that shields the logic board.

In order to access LCD connector, it looks like we must remove battery out of the housing. From what we see, there are two or three flex cable that running under the battery, so we must be very careful not to damage those.

Battery is out and we find HTC has used protective tape to cover flex cables. This is nice of them to do it. Huawei, Apple and many other manufactures do not use this tape and let the flex cable exposed thus it’s susceptible to damage when prying battery out.

screen comes off from the frame after removing connector from logic board.

Make sure not to damage the home button as its connector is from bottom of the frame.

Once you are at this stage, you just need to clean up the frame, re apple adhesives and put the screen back by reversing the steps that we showed here.

After aseembly, phone is back to normal.