I have noticed so many people uses phone inefficiently when using speakerphone mode, so decide to write up short guide how to use it better. There is no wrong or right way to do it but it would be better if you use it better way.

First of all, let’s learn what is located on the phone.

I have circled in red where microphone is located. The one on top activates when speakerphone, facetime or SIRI is on. Obviously the one on the bottom is when you use it by putting the phone to your ear to talk.

Here is Android device.

Again, I have circled where microphones are located. There is one on the top for video and speakerphone.

so what does that mean? It means if you use your phone in speakerphone mode and use it like this, the caller on other side cannot hear clearly.

It still works but not clearly. You want your other party to hear well, right?

The efficient way of using speakephone mode is:

Yes, just casually hold a phone in your hand and speak towards the screen. This will transfer sound wave clearly to the microphone that is working and enable other side to hear you better.