I notice there are many DIY out there and gets stuck or end up cracking LCD when just trying to replace cracked glass of HTC Inspire 4G smartphone. So here I am trying to give you help if needed.

Here is the HTC Inspire 4G with broken Glass.

In order to remove the back housing, you need to remove flash cover, battery cover and the SIM card cover.

Here we have inspire 4G without the backcover. It is pretty simple to remove the back housing.

When disconnecting LCD flex from the board, you need to be very careful not to use metal spudger or anything sharp as there many small capacitors that can easily be broken off the board. Best use your nail and lift up the connector gently upward. DO NOT USE leveraging technique.

To remove the board off the phone, you also need to remove the speaker bracket from top. The plastic frame can be easily removed with slight heat to loosen the adhesive.

Once the top bracket is off, it is time to remove the main board. However the bottom logic board is stuck to LCD frame using adhesive, so heat is required again. Logic board must be pulled in order to keep USB port from breaking off.

Got the board off the fram. Notice where HTC used adhesive to stick the board.In order to replace the glass of HTC Inspire 4G, you must remove LCD from the bracket. This is where many DIY fail as they use too much force to remove the LCD or gets stuck because they don’t realize LCD must be removed. This is not like iPhone 3G or 4 glass repair.With just enough heat and patience, the LCD with glass is off the frame. Notice where HTC used the tape to stick the LCD to the frame.

Once the glass is off the LCD, notice where the light tube is located. Without this transferred to the new glass, the button on the digitizer will not light up.

With successful transfer of light tube and screen and LCD is sitting correctly, you will notice the tube tip is through the fram in order to transfer the light from the logic board to the digitizer.

Just reverse the disassemble procedure and you will have a HTC inspire looking brand new!

For more info or questions, please drop me an email to info@ifixsmartphone.com