Today I have encountered non working iPhone 5C. Customer brought in the phone saying it was just getting hot and won’ power on.

After examining the phone, finding NO liquid damage, it turns out there are shorted circuit running high current on CPU thus the phone was getting hot and wasn’t powering on. This usually leads to damaged CPU thus not repairable.

However the problem was the data on the phone which was never backed up. According to that poor customer, he didn’t know how to back up the data using FREE iCloud server (free upto 5GB) if you own iOS devices including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad thinking he needed computer to back up.

I have seen so many customers in similar situation so I felt I need to write up simple instruction to turn on automatic back up adding to many instructions out there.

Step1. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi. Back up will not run if not connected. Select Setting on iOS device.

Step 2. Scroll down to select iCloud section.

Step 3. In iCloud section, scroll down and select Backup.

if it says On, you should be in good hands, if it’s off, make sure to turn it on.

Step 4. Make sure iCloud back up is on by selecting iCloud backup.

My device shows the lastest back up is yesterday at 1:30PM. If it shows never backed up, press back Up now to start the back up.

Back up process can take many house depending the size of the data and will run in background.

Please note back up will not run if the device is not connected to Wi-Fi.

This will enable backup and the device will try to backup all the data of your device. However if you have many photos, you might run into low storage notification and the device will not back up. In order to avoid it, please follow