Ever since we found out we can replace broken glass only on Samsung Galaxy S series and started provide service for such model, we have been asked: “Can we do same thing for iPhone 5?”

We didn’t have to think about removing glass only because replacing front screen for iPhone 4 and 4S is very affordable. But currently iPhone 5 screen replacement cost is almost 3-4 times of iPhone 4, 4S and was asked such question, so we decided to investigate if we can replace broken glass only on iPhone 5.

The answer is “YES”.

Unlike HTC, which fuses digitizer film to the glass, Apple and Samsung decided to use same technique to build screen as fusing the digitizer to the LCD, the put the glass on top, thus we are able to remove the broken glass only.

Here is the verdict:

Pros: Makes iPhone5 glass replacement affordable.


  • The LCD suffers scratch which shows under the glass when it is off.
  • Touch sensitivity is dull at some spots.