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Our company produces the urgent repair of electronic devices without additional cost. In this short period of time does not affect the quality of work.

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Mobile smart devices have become integral to our daily life. It's tough to go without your phone, tablet, or computer when it breaks, so IFIX smartphone has come to specialize in the rapid repair of nearly any mobile device.

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Let us fix your devices Start Repair We can repair almost any problem. Having over 10+ years of repairing experience, we are confident we can solve your issue with our extended knowledge.

iFIX smartphone is

apple iphone motherboard repair

Apple Authorized Independent Repair Provider

Our business is straight forward: We offer Top quality repair services for your broken devices in an honest and fair manner. We are in this long-term business to help our customers achieve value from their products while avoiding the high prices of buying brand new replacement devices.

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iFIX Smartphone is an Apple Authorized Independent Repair Provider

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Your all questions are answered here about our services.

> What is a digitizer, LCD or LED?

If your screen is cracked or damaged but still able to use it or see it, your LCD/LED (picture displaying unit) is fine, then you will need a digitizer / screen replaced only. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is the one displays the picture and images.

> I have a water damaged device, can I put it in rice?

Rice is not an effective solution for a couple of reasons. It has a low capacity for atmospheric absorption and it may absorb the liquid water on the case, but our real problem are the tiny drops inside. Also, as rice sits on your shelf, and the shelf at the store before you bought it, in unsealed boxes and bags it slowly sucks in water out of the atmosphere around it, reaching it’s absorption capacity.

> Do you work on iPhone only?

Absolutely not! Even though we are an Apple Certified iOS Technician, Bring in your Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, ZTE – we’ll look at anything. We are able to diagnose and repair many smartphone hardware issues.


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Our business is straight forward: We offer Top quality repair services for your broken iPhones, iPod, iPad and other smartphones in an honest and fair manner.

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