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Here are few guides to help you determine what the problem is when you have a problem with your phone.

1.What is screen? What is digitizer?


Many users are confused on what is digitizer, screen or LCD. If you screen is cracked but still able to use it or see it, your LCD (picture displaying unit) is fine, then you will need a digitizer / screen replaced only. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is the one displays the picture and images.

Here are the examples.

Motorola with broken glass

as you can see, the screen is still functioning.  Some keeps using the phone as it is still working, but the cracked glass keeps pressing down, the LCD will eventually will get damaged which then looks like the picture below (called bleeding).  When this happens, you will have to replace the glass and the LCD together which will costs more.

  1. 2. Some repair guys say digitizer and glass is different, is that true?  

  2. Answer is yes and No.  The digitizer which detects your touch is fused to the glass thus makes it as one piece, and it cannot be replaced separately.  This means you will have to replace the glass/digitizer altogether when the phone has a problem detecting your touch even though it is not broken/cracked and vice versa. We see so many user get fooled by a seller who sells the glass only which is useless. Please ask us when you have a question so that you can save from wasting your money.

  1. 3. I was told that my phone requires to have whole front panel replaced, but my LCD is fine and only glass is cracked, why?

  2. On some models like iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, Motorola Razr, and some Blackberries as well as few models of HTC models, the screen and LCD is fused to together making as a one unit and it is not possible to separate it. 

  3. Manufactures use special treatment to stick LCD to the glass to keep dust coming in under the glass, but this makes the repair cost high as well. Some repair shops will tell you that only glass can be changed so that they can get you into their door but they will tell you need to pay more since you are at their location.  Please check this list we have compiled for the phones that has LCD and glass as one piece to see if your phone is in the list.

    1. 4. I have a water damaged phone, does putting in rice help?

    2. It helps a little.  Many friend would tell you with wet phones is to use uncooked rice. I even heard that on Radio telling people to put their phone in dry rice after vacuming out the moisture! Theoretically this would make sense, as it appears to do the same thing as Molecular Sieve while being readily available to anyone with a well-stocked kitchen.  

    3. Unfortunately, rice is not an effective solution a couple of reasons. Rice has a low capacity for atmospheric absorption. It may absorb the liquid water on the case, but our real problem are the tiny drops inside. Also, as rice sits on your shelf, and the shelf at the store before you bought it, in unsealed boxes and bags it slowly sucks in water out of the atmosphere around it, reaching it's absorption capacity.   Let the professionals handle your  problem.  Here is some pictures of what happens when tried to dry themselves.

    Below are the phones that was brought in after the phone stopped working after the customers thought they saved the phone by putting it in the rice or using hair dryer after water spillage and used it for a while.

    Some were saved but some were not repairable as it came in too late.

    Best thing is to contact local professional repair shop right away when water damage happes, as it can save your money from buying another phone.

    5. So, can you fix water damaged phones?

    We want to try!  Basically, any problem can be fixed.  The question becomes "is it worth repairing?"  Without actually seeing the iPhone and having one of our expert technicians perform a complete diagnosis, we can't really tell over the phone how much the repair will cost.  Bring in or send your phone in, we can run diagnostic for free!

    The water damage repair service includes full diagnostics and ultrasonic cleaning. We strive to fully restore your phone with only the ultrasonic cleaning process and majority of the time, no other parts are needed to be replaced in the phone. In the event that additional parts are needed, they will need to be purchased along with the water damage repair service. We guarantee that the phone will be in good working condition or functioning properly once damaged parts are replaced. In the rare case that we can not get your phone working, we will provide you with a couple different options. 1) Send your phone back to you. 2) Offer to purchase the phone from you, since we can still use some of the parts from it, and we like to recycle. Helping the environment is a definite plus! :-) 3) If the phone functions fine, but has one or two minor features that may not be fully repairable, we will offer you a discounted rate for the repair and send the phone back. We have state of the art equipment that removes any kind of corrosion, minerals, or debris that has built up on your circuit board and components. Corrosion and minerals that build up on the circuit is the most common cause for your phone not functioning properly.

  4. Please note that water-damaged phones are not covered by the cell phone repair guarantee. Water is tricky stuff, so any phone repair complicated by water damage can result in a loss of functionality. Any new damage is not covered by the guarantee, and neither is the damage beyond the original fee charged for the iPhone repair. 

    6. What should I do after my phone takes a bath?

    First, DO NOT TURN ON your phone. Then dry it off with a towel, then place it in a bag of plain uncooked rice. Then leave the bag of rice complete with iPhone in sunlight, or another warm/dry place.  The rice will wick the moisture out of your iPhone which immediately increases your odds for an "easier" repair!  DO NOT put your iPhone in the oven, even at low temperatures.  DO NOT use a heat gun to dry it out.  Then bring it in to ifixsmartphone.

    7. My iPhone got wet and now the screen is white.  Do I need a new LCD screen?

    It's possible!  But since water can easily infiltrate the circuitry on your iPhone, your LCD might still be OK.  It might be that the connector on the LCD has started to corrode, or the connector on the logic board needs to be cleaned.  There are many possibilities when liquid spills occur and if you don't NEED an LCD, we won't quote it!  MANY cases our technicians will simply disassemble the iPhone, clean all of it's components, and reassemble it.  It's kinda like magic!

    8. Ok, I want iFIXsmartphone to take a look.  How do I get started? Do you offer mail in service?

    Yes! This is the easy part!  Send your phone in using repair service we are currently offering in our services menu if you are not local and the rest is easy.  Our price includes the shipping back to you. Once we receive the iPhone we'll contact you within 1 business day to report our findings.

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