Affordable Apple iPhone 5C screen replacement

Please note this is possible only when digitizer and LCD is still working.


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Does putting water damaged phone into a bag of rice help?


short video of why it works, and why it doesn’t work

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Samsung GALAXY S4 Teardown

Samsung Galaxy S4


What we have here is Samsung Galaxy S4.  Let’s see how it is inside.

IMG_0376Remove the battery cover, take the battery out and there are 9 Phillips head screws that needs to be removed.



Look at the size of the Galaxy S4 battery compared to S3. Hugh!


Using a spudger, slowly remove the back housing. Unlike previous model, the chrome part and the back is made into one piece.

IMG_0379Got the back housing off, the motherboard is revealed.

IMG_0380The loud speaker is attached to the back housing which is removable.

IMG_0381Pretty simple logic board. There are six connectors and antenna to remove before lifting board.

Once the board is removed, the LCD replacement is should be breeze as Galaxy S3.

FYI: The glass can be removed only if the glass is cracked as galaxy S3. However the dust will get under the glass after use if you replace the glass only.





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Can you replace iPhone 5 glass only?

Ever since we found out we can replace broken glass only on Samsung Galaxy S series and started provide service for such model, we have been asked: “Can we do same thing for iPhone 5?”

We didn’t have to think about removing glass only because replacing front screen for iPhone 4 and 4S is very affordable. But currently iPhone 5 screen replacement cost is almost 3-4 times of iPhone 4, 4S and was asked such question, so we decided to investigate if we can replace broken glass only on iPhone 5.

The answer is “YES”.

Unlike HTC, which fuses digitizer film to the glass, Apple and Samsung decided to use same technique to build screen as fusing the digitizer to the LCD, the put the glass on top, thus we are able to remove the broken glass only.


Here is the verdict:

Pros: Makes iPhone5 glass replacement affordable.


  • The LCD suffers scratch which shows under the glass when it is off.
  • Touch sensitivity is dull at some spots.


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Apple iPad Mini Teardown – Screen replacement

broken ipad miniHere we have iPad mini with broken screen came in for repair so  I figured it is a good opportunity to show you how to take this down.

ipad mini screen heating upWe use hot plate with controlled temperature but I know most of you do not have that, thus we used hot air gun to remove the glass to show you that it can be done.

Make sure NOT to OVERHEAT as you may damage LCD.

Here are couple keys when using heatgun;

  • Do not heat over 3 seconds on one area.
  • Do not put heat gun closer than 3 inch from the surface.
  • Correct temperature to loosen the adhesive is 160 Celsius.

ipad mini screen removalStarting from most damaged area, using suction cup to lift up the glass to make a room to slide thru tool under the glass. Start lifting glass along the edge, but IF YOU FEEL ANY RESISTANCE, STOP! apply more heat, then start again.

IMG_8793OK, we got the glass off from the frame. Time to remove LCD.

IMG_8795 IMG_8794There are four screws holding LCD down, two screws on the right side is hidden under the cushion. You don’t have to remove the cushion, when removing the screws.

IMG_8797Again, DO NOT FORCE WHEN LIFTING LCD! When you have top part of LCD lifted, do not open all the way as the LCD is taped down at the bottom side.  You also have to remove the metal shield to gain the access to the connector.



Remove 15 screws, lift metal plate.


as you slowly lift the LCD, you will see the tape holding the LCD down. You will have to cut those tape in order to remove the LCD.

IMG_8801 IMG_8802Remove three screws to remove connector cover.

IMG_8814OK, we got it removed!

IMG_8815Here comes the challenge. Unlike regular iPad or iPhone, home button and digitizer connector has to be de-soldered.  Remove the tape (red circled area) to reveal the connectors.

IMG_8805remove the IC chip and home button.  You can see the brand new unit with solder points.

ipad mini home button module IMG_8816Home button module, IC chip removed. REMEMBER, THIS HAS TO BE DE-SOLDERED, DO YOU NOT RIP OR PULL, YOU WILL DAMAGED THE FLEX!


Once you got to here, you just have to reverse the step starting from soldering home button, IC chip.  It is good idea to test before assembly as the connectors MUST match to work.



It works!


Should have any questions or comment, please post here or you can drop me an email.  Thank you for reading.

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High Quality parts vs Generic Quality parts fo iPhone 5

There are many phone repair shops come and go and price war seems to be pierce as they are trying to get the customers to their door. One way to attract the customers is offering a low price, but then you really should think why they are lower than others.

Most of the times, they are offering a low price by using really cheap parts as I really think it is not right but it does happen. Many repair shops think it is only one time business so they don’t care what they use.

So I am here to tell you think and research before you start making a trip to the repair shop.

iPhone 5 glass

iPhone 5 glass comparison

What do you think? Need I say more?

Just from a plain view of eye (seriously, I didn’t photoshop this), the generic quality of the part is off white. So check before making a decision.

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want us to fix your phone?

Please check our site for on line repair service we are offering.

More services are added daily!

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Review: Google Maps

There are many reviews about new Google Maps for iOS6 but after trying out what it does, I had to put one on my site.

When Apple dropped Google Map on iOS6 and replaced with their own map, I really didn’t care as I didn’t have much use for it and I use Navigation app that I use.This morning I had to use Maps to see street view for a location that I was going to visit, but just realized Apple Map doesn’t provide street view, so I had to download Google Maps.

googlemapsRight away, I was able to use Street View feature and it seemed to have built in navigation feature so I decided to try it instead of my Navigation app.

turn by turn navigationUsing in for 5 minutes, I was just surprised about this app. All I could say is “Wow!” It has simple interface and giving me accurate location and directing me with ample advance to I could prepare for the turn.  This raises question why Apple does not support turn by turn navigation for iPhone 4 or below saying only 4S or above can support such feature.


Google Maps is a very solid mapping and navigation apps. Also this app being FREE is another great point.  Best of all, it doesn’t conflict with iOS map and you can choose whatever you want to use depending on given situation.

This app being Fee is good enough reason to download and try it and you will most likely use this than iOS map.  Honestly, I can believe this offers turn by turn navigation and it got me thinking why I had to buy navigation app.

I am sure Google and Apple will bring out more features with their updates and those update will be better for us.

my Verdict: EXCELLENT

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How to: Apple iPhone 5 Screen replacement

iphone 5

OK, here we have a broken iPhone 5 screen. Unfortunately iPhone 5 screen breaks as other iPhones.  As usual, there was no replacement part available at first release of iPhone 5, but there are replacement parts available after sometime thus we are able to make your phone look brand new again.


Here we are, we have replacement screen on the right.  In order to lower the cost and give better price to customer, the replacement screen does not come with home button module and ear speaker module.  That means you will have to transfer those two items to replacement screen and we will show you how.

Turn over and you will see two metal screws (red circle) that is holding down Home Button.  Remove those using #00 philips screw.

Carefully, (I mean CAREFULLY) remove home button flex from the frame.  Flex is stuck to fram with adhesive, using heat will soften the glue.


Home button and flex removed. Looks like we need to clean the home button.


OK, it is now time to remove front camera and ear speaker.  Remove two screws circled and carefully remove metal cover.

Again, CAREFULLY remove the flex.

Here is the shot of front camera.  It also has the proximity sensor that gave so many trouble to DIY and repair shop when changing screen of iPhone 4. Hope iPhone 5 doesn’t.

Once those two items are removed, reverse the step and put those back on to the replacement screen.

If you don’t assemble it right, the LCD might show blocks as shown above.  (this is to show you that you didn’t do it right when installing the screen, it is not defective LCD)

iFIX smartphone offers iPhone 5 screen replacement at VERY competitive price.  Please email or text 562-999-2349 for price or more info.


Thanks for looking.

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Smartphones with Glass and LCD fused

When i am asked how much it is to replace the glass for certain models such as Samsung Galaxy S3 with broken Glass, I am really hesitant to answer because of high repair price.  Currently (as of Nove 16, 2012) it is $249 to replace Samsung Galaxy S3 Glass because you have to replace the front panel not just glass.  Smartphone users who used iPhone and had experience replacing the glass are shocked because of the price and they think I am ripping them off.

On some models like iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy S and some blackberries as well as some of HTC models, the screen and LCD comes as a one unit and it is not possible to separate it. Manufactures use special treatment to stick LCD to the glass to keep dust coming in under the glass, but this makes the repair cost high as well. Some repair shops will tell you that only glass can be changed so that they can get you into their door but they will tell you need to pay more since you are at their location

Thus I am here to make the list of the phones that requires to have LCD and Glass replace together even though the phone have cracked glass only or not.


Here are the list that I found.  Please feel free to add comment so that I can update.

  • Phone 4, 4S, 5
  • Any Samsung Galaxy S models
  • Motorola Droid Razr, Razr Maxx
  • HTC One X, One S
  • HTC Amaze
  • HTC Rhyme
  • HTC Incredible 3 LTE
  • Blackberry 9700, 9600
  • This list will update as I find more info on the phones.
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